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We’ve all heard the “shop local” mantra lately. It’s a concept that has infiltrated the media with all the fervor that grassroots marketing campaigns can muster, which makes it seem like a hot new trend for our younger generation of consumers. We’re glad for that, but as some of us with a little more silver on top know, the truth is,  “buying locally” was once simply the way of the world. It was common sense. A lesson that our forefathers and grandparents knew in years past that we somehow lost sight of:

“Utilize your local resources. Support your neighbors. Respect your community. Give back whenever you can.”

Bear’s Mill sprang to life under those principles. We understand them well.

Above and beyond all of the statistics you might find online today about the environmental, employment, health and tax impacts of buying from corporate giants and big-box retailers, every local merchant has a much more personal story to share. For small businesses throughout our nation,“buying locally” can mean the difference between an open door and one that is closed forever.

Here’s what it means to us:

This mill has been grinding grain into flour on the same millstones for over 160 years. The grain was grown on local soil and ground by nothing more than the power of a local waterway and the hands of dedicated souls. The flour then made its way into the homes of families or the baker’s hearth, where it was turned into a source of nourishment for countless members of our community.

Our story IS the story of buying locally. It lives in our foundation, it is expressed through our history, and it survives through the products and activities in the Mill today. Shopping the Mill Market is now what provides the energy that keeps our wheels turning and our doors open. Every item sold in the Mill Market generates revenue that directly impacts the operations, ongoing maintenance and management of the Mill structure and grounds. Every dollar generated from local consumers like you, keeps the Mill alive.

That’s why we take such great care in the selection of our merchandise. In addition to the flours, meals, mixes and Bear’s Mill branded products we offer every day, we also strive to offer a truly unique blend of specialty items to our local community that may be difficult to find elsewhere. We choose items that you will love so we can continue to be around for another 100 years. Hopefully more.

We hope you’ll walk with us in the continuation of a tradition that has always been a part of who we are. By shopping at the Mill Market, you are honoring the past, and supporting the future.

And we are very grateful.

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